Inicio Noticias Noticias de cursos pasados 5º de Primaria en la Week Camp: Garaña´17:

5º de Primaria en la Week Camp: Garaña´17:

First day: Today, we started the adventure of Week Camp in Garaña, Asturias!

First of all, we arrived and played minigames with our friends. Later, we went to our cabins and we had lunch. After  that,  we had time to play scattergories and baseball. Then we went to the swiming pool with a snack and we did activities in the terrace. We had dinner and, at the end, we did a CSI Adventure.

Second day: A new day in Garaña! Today we start the day with one activity about the 12 months. After that we play a lot of games in the green area. Before the lunch we had a good time in the swimming pool. In the afternoon we discover a magic land and enjoy with the games of heards up, hologram, kerkplunk. After the dinner, we did the activitiy beat the beat, sing a lot of songs and enjoy with the music! 

Third day: Another day in the paradise of Garaña!!!! Today  we start the day with the breakfast and after that we did activities of Adventure and a "fish race". Later we had luch and we visit the Bufones of Pría. The landscape was amazing. At the end of the day, we had dinner and we danced in the Disco. A good way to end  the day.

Fifth day:Today was the last day of the year. After an intense day of outdoor activities, the monitors rewarded the students who had made the most effort to speak English. We finished the day with an activity of the three colors and then we said goodbye to the monitors who have been with us these days. We will miss you.